Shandong  Key  Laboratory  for  Special Silicon-containing Materials

Shandong  Key  Laboratory  for  Special Silicon-containing Materials is focused on the synthesis and investigation of high performance polymer materials. Innovation and breakthrough results were made in the field of silicone polymers with special structure. Synthesized phenyl silicone materials have broad application prospects in the fields of optoelectronic packaging, high insulation impregnating varnish, aerospace thermal resistant coating, etc. Self-developed addition type liquid silicone elastomer, resin and elastic-plastic condensation type silicone resin have been successfully used in LED packaging and PCB coatings. Phenyl silicone resin with high temperature resistance was prepared for thermal protection layer in military field. High insulation impregnating silicon resin without solvent under development can meet the needs of rail transportation, wind power and other industries for high performance insulation materials. At present, there are a number of technologies to break the monopoly of foreign countries to reach the international advanced level.

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